Landscaped gardens we have created.

We have built hundreds of gardens and features since 1992 in a wide range of situations, time frames, and Countries

We have used probably every type and shape of paving, tiles, plants, trees, fencing/screening and what is so exiting is the new ranges of materials and features, coming to us from all over the world, especially from the new markets worldwide.

We have wide experience of all the following garden types:-

  1. Small and Town Gardens.
  2. Exotic Gardens.
  3. Traditional Gardens.
  4. Modern and Rural Gardens
  5. Swimming Pools.
  6. Exhibition Gardens and Dislays.
  7. Roof top gardens and Balconies.
  8. Commercial Landscapes

I would like to thank my following clients and friends for their kind permission to use their gardens for illustrations of our work, designing and building since 1992

Please CLICK on the following links for Drawings/Photographs from my portfolio.

Thank you for viewing these links and projects

Anthony Lockwood

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